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Take the Tankgrrls challenge for Babes on bases...

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Teams sign up for Babes on Bases the day of the event at the registration table. Only $10 per team!

Babes on Bases


Teams of five register for this event. Two teams face each other at the same time. One team lines up at home plate, while the second team lines up behind 2nd base. The first person of each team starts with a softball in her hand. At the whistle, the first runners round the bases in a counter clockwise fashion, handing their softball off to the next runner once they have run a full circle. Runners, who have finished their lap, head to the pitchers mound to indicate that they have run. The team with the first fifth runner in is the winning team. This team will then advance to face another winning team in the second round. The event winners will be that team which successfully wins all their races. Which Mabel team has the hottest babes on bases? This is a can't miss chance to see some of Vancouver's finest babes go all the way 'round the bases!


Think you got skill??


So, can you throw like a grrl?

Participants line up in center outfield, and throw the ball toward a target cut-out (L-Word’s Shane). Individuals succeeding in hitting "Shane" from the first mark will advance to the next mark, five yards further out. The mark continues to move back, thus making the throws longer and longer, until there is only one thrower left, the grrl with the ultimate grrl throw! ONLY $5


The Hottest Hitter!

Participants line up behind the backdrop fence. Each participant steps up to the plate and hits the softball off a tee placed on the plate. Volunteers standing in the outfield record the distance of hits for the point at which the ball first hits the ground. The grrl with the furthest hit is the Hottest Hitter! $5



Cash Prizes!! Win Chica's tickets!! Strut your stuff!

 for a LOONIE HAVE A lil' fun on the side WITH ...


Wet the L-Word Star that you find hot


Hoop Hoop!


 Sign-up Registration for all events will be at the park. 

Suck it up!